Housing is a basic need for humans, but less and less people are able to afford this at an acceptable cost. Life plans, economic conditions and housing wishes change – but the predominant provision of architectural solutions remains approximately the same.

Every good house demonstrates that architecture can influence society and life forms, because every house which inspires its inhabitants due to the fact that…

  • You don’t have to eat breakfast in a dark kitchen in the morning, but instead in a room flooded with light
  • Children find sufficient space to play inside when the weather is poor
  • The house demonstrates that, besides life models for singles or small families, there are also other feasible housing and ways of living
  • It is intelligently planned and built, costs less in terms of the monthly financing rates or rent, and therefore people can live in a more relaxed, free and serene manner

…and this changes society.

Better housing
The time has come for new houses and ways of living.

Requirements on new housing types:

Simply Special Living
  • Reduction of the living area which can be used all year round in return for the creation of useable, additional utility areas not available all year round to improve housing quality
  • Barrier-free homes
  • No cellars
  • Changes to floor plans should be realisable at an acceptable cost even after completion
  • Lower construction and monthly ancillary costs

Starting Situation

Housing construction still does not pay enough attention to…

  • The phenomenon of an aging society which no longer has the same spatial and financial resources as previous generations
  • The fact that upcoming generations must limit themselves due to economic constraints
  • The development of a society in which the classic family no longer represents the majority
  • The economically-founded defibration of suburbs and desertification of the inner cities